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About the Artist

Ahchipaptunhe, born of European and Lenape indigenous ancestry. Confronted with issues of identity, authenticity, individuality, and self-acceptance. He has found the art of creativity to be his place of renewal. Ahchipaptunhe seeks to honor the journey of life by holding equal weights to what has come before, and how those moments' drive current interactions of the self.


The Work

My art and design works are influenced by my indigenous heritage and culture (Tribe of Delaware Indians). Captivated by the art of story telling I seek methods of blending historical knowledge, lived expereinces, and abstraction to recreate stories through paintings and sculptures. 


Oral tradition provides connections to our past while empowering an active voice. I believe that form, interaction, and color are essential conversations in art, but without context the work loses its holding power. Blending oral traditions with abstraction provides a space to speak without limitations.


"Creating abstract art is to risk it all. To buy abstract art is to acknowledge the risk."



Phoenix, AZ


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